Several problems when setting up Volumio

Hi there.

I have a Raspi2 which is connected to my Denon 1713 using a HDMI cable and everything is fine running with RuneAudio.
Now I wanted to try Volumio and installed it with Etcher under Xubuntu 16.04. The Raspi boots up and I can enter its settings, update it and install the Spotify Plugin.

My problems are the following:

  1. I can access my Spotify playlists and choose some music, it starts playing but I can’t hear anything (mixer is set to NONE, volume is at 40%).
  2. I added a music folder from my NAS using cifs (it is a SAMBA share with user and loggin). It is successfully mounted (ca. 1 TB) but I can’t find my music.
  3. I can’t switch to German language. I can choose German but Volumio jumps back to English.

I really would like to use Volumio, it’s looks imo more promising than RuneAudio which seems to be dead so I hope someone can help me solving my issues.

Thanks in advance

Have you set playback options audio device to ‘hdmi out’ and saved it?

Do you see Volumio scanning your music collection? Does it give number of tracks etc?

I’ve just tried this on v2.118, and can confirm it. Can you report it as a bug please.

Edit: bug already reported.

Hi chsims1,

thanks for your answer.

Sorry I didn’t mention it - yes, I switched to hdmi output.

No, it doesn’t do anything: Imgur

Ah, at least THIS is not my fault :wink:

Ok, I test-added another drive (H67A:Öffentlich) on another machine (running Xubuntu) and everything is fine: Its music (I copied from my NAS) is found within a few seconds.
Well, almost everything: It is shown as NOT mounted and can’t be removed now whereas my actual NAS (running Openmediavault) is shown as mounted but its music can’t be found (user and password are correct, I just crosschecked this):

Strange… :confused: