Setting Music Library Path

Hi all,

Recently built a Volumio RPI4 music player - really enjoying using it.

I’ve got quite a large music collection which I’ve stored as lossless files on an external drive - is there a way to set the Music Library icon to jump straight to the main folder where my music is stored? Currently I select:

Music Library > USB > PI4Music

Within the Pi4Music folder are my categorised subfolders of music. Ideally, I would like to jump straight to the root of this folder rather than going through the other steps - not a lot of effort, but still more than ideal.

Also, is there a way to reorder the browse icons so the Music Library appears first?

Any help much appreciated.



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I’m in the same boat. If I set up my USB drive again, I’d omit the MUSIC folder and put the artist folders in the root of the USB drive.
That’d save one click down to the actual music, but you’d still have that USB level to click through.

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Connect to your volumio device with ssh (enable on the /dev page)
Navigate to /mnt. There you’ll see the different mount points shown on the interface. You can make a shortcut with the ln command.
You could link your dir or all dirs from the USB there. It ain’t perfect but it should work.