Setting mixer type to software breaks link to DAC rpi3, digione, 2.779

I have just downloaded 2.779. I’m using a raspberyy pi 3 and allo digione. Its connected to a meridian 518 which is sp/dif only.

I haven’t used volumio for a couple of years (tbh barely at all), so as I’m in lockdown I decided to see if i can get it working.

I have a number of problems.

When I install a brand new system the music plays ok, though I can’t change the volume. I suppose this is because the digione doesn’t support hardware volume. However when I change mixer type to software, the sound instantly stops when I hit save. And the “lock light” on the DAC disappears to show the pi is no longer “connected or visible” over coax.

Reset to mixer type none has worked once in about 10 times. Reset to factory defaults has never worked. The only way to get sound back is by reburning the SD card.

As I listen to unnormalised mp3, having remote volume is pretty much essential.

Any ideas?

I think I solved the problem.

volumio only seems to lock when playing music. ive never seen this before. all my other devivces stay locked even when there is no music.

no, its not solved. worked ten minutes. same problem as before

If you choose software volume mixer, stop to play a track, select the mixer and wait few seconds. Eventually, try to reboot.

Ive put getting the software mixer to work on the back burner.

All I’m trying to do now is get mixer type none to work. I’m pretty sure skipping from one track to another is enough to stop it working.

For some reason, whatever it is that’s supposed to lock to the DAC isn’t working correctly. Maybe its a timer issue.

It’s intermittent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt work

getting closer.

switching to a flac seems to break it. mp3 and wav seem to be ok

Ok , I;m pretty sure I fixed the problem. After a fairly long search on other forums, I tried resampling the flac from 96k to 48k and this worked. I used VLC to do this. It has lots of standard conversions built in.

Once I thought I was on the right track, I set volumio to re-sample at 48k (in the playback options).

All files now play, and I can use the software mixer.

Many thanks to all those who took the time to replay.

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