SetNextAVTransportURI problem with JRiver

Using V.2.565
When I send audio to Volumio 2 on a Pi from my PC using a Jriver Zone, the audio stops after about 10 seconds.
I flagged this up with JRiver and they replicated the problem.

This was their reply:

Looks like volumio broke SetNextAVTransportURI support in their last update.
If you go to controller options for the Volumio zone (right-click on the zone) and disable SetNext support your playback will work (albeit without gapless transitions).

Here’s the proof in the log:
Code: [Select]

0037047: 5724: Playback: CPlayerZoneDisplayInfo::UpdateFileInfo: Zone {Volumio} Playback state is PLAYING, Sucessfully sent next track using SetNextAVTransportURI. Position 10000, Duration 443000
0037125: 3280: Sharing Plugins: CHTTPListenerWorker::HandleRequest: TCP: NOTIFY:
0037125: 3280: Playback: CPlayerZone::DLNADeviceSubscription_PropertyChanged: Start
0037125: 3280: Playback: CPlayerZone::DLNADeviceSubscription_PropertyChanged: Transport state was 2 changing to 0
0037125: 3280: Playback: CPlayerZone::DLNADeviceSubscription_PropertyChanged: Finish (0 ms)
0037125: 8016: Playback: CPlayerZone::DLNAProcessPlaybackState: Start
0037140: 8016: Playback: CPlayerZone::DLNAProcessPlaybackState: Device stopped by another controller at: 11016 of 443000 MS

What this is basically showing is that Volumio sends an event changing the state from Playing to Stopped after we send it the next track to queue up (10 seconds into playing the first track). It’s not supposed to stop.

I can confirm this bug! Something is broken in DLNA renderer after last update

Using JRiver 25.0.114 and Volumio 2.668 (14 Nov 2019) on an ODroid C2, I can also confirm that, with Ogg Vorbis files, playback is stopping after 10 seconds.

The problem may be specific to ogg files. I was having no issue earlier in the day when playing mp3 and ma4 (ALAC) files.

Is this something that’s on your radar?


Oh, and no problem occurs if SetNext is disabled for the Volumio renderer in JRMC.