"Servus" from Austria!

Hi guys,

greetings from Austria to all you music aficionados! :slight_smile:
My name is Andreas and I’m pretty new in the world of audio and Raspberry PI.
I was looking around for a small audioplayer that I could hook up to my system and control it with my tablet, mobile and PC.
By accident I stumbled over the pages of http://www.hifiberry.com which led me here to Volumio.
So, yes, here I am.
Since this small time I’ve setup the 3rd Raspberry model B with the Hifiberry DAC and Volumio on it and gave it to friends and relatives. :laughing:
Currently I’m trying my luck with the new Raspberry B+ in combination with the Hifiberry DAC+.
At the moment it is pretty silent when I hook it up to my system, but let’s see what time brings! :wink:

See you in the forum!

Bye, Andy

My System:
Harman Kardon AVR 335
Philips CD 100
Raspberry PI B+ with Hifiberry DAC+
Triangle Ittoh