SEO for my Volumio blog

I don’t know if there are any who own a blog but I have one where I write about my Volumio projects also. I would like to get more traffic and that’s where SEO comes in. Could you suggest to a SEO newbie what should I start with?

First thing about SEO is inbound links… So first thing: publish a link to your blog on this forum, so we also get to read it whle you improve your SEO :wink:

Start with social media. You can try to make linkbuilding on Pinterest and Reddit, for example. After that make more external links on forums with high domain authority (DA). You can buy links or you can try making crowd marketing. I prefer to outsource it. Last time I ordered links from Crowdo company, and they’ve made a lot of high quality links. I don’t know how they do that. I tried to do it on my own, but I’ve failed. For some reason they did ban me as a spammer or something like that.

haha, you can shout and make your voice heard. much better and instant-outcome than SEO way.

sounds great