Send to a bluetooth device

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a simple question, i use Volumio 3.175 on a raspberry 3 b+ with a digi pro+ hat. My questions is , can i send my music to a bluetooth device to be played on a portable sound system ?

thaks for your answer.

The short answer is “no, out of the box”, but attempts have been made in the past with Volumio 2. Have a Google.

easy way is to use something like the boomboom100, in transmitter mode.
Connect the audio output of your volumio to the input of the transmitter an connect the transmitter by BT to the portable sound system.

It is currently not possible, but it’s on our roadmap. With Volumio 3 we can finally do it.
No ETA but I would say Q1 2022 could be a nice estimate

thank’s for you’re answer