SDcard was erased during update

Today I updated to the newest version. When I did that it erased my SDCard and removed the partitions. I have most of the music backed up so that isn’t an issue, but how do I add the partitions back so that I can re-add the music back to it?

After reading through the forums I am wondering why this version is still being pushed out when it has the possibility of deleting all of a users music.

Actually, this is not relevant.

The update from Volumio2 to Volumio3 erases all data from SD Card, since we cannot store them given all the changes occurred.
This is explained very prominently in the update message.

Okay then I missed the message, and that’s on me. (I just clicked update from within the UI) My question still stands of how do I increase the partition sizes to get the music loaded back onto the card.

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this is done automatically. (expand file system)

I am looking at the SD card right now, and there are 3 partitions.
boot, which is 60mb with 6mb free and two un-labeled and unformatted partitions. Do I need to format the partitions from Windows? Delete them both and combine them? something else entirely?

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No no.

You need to do it in the same manner as you did before,. Like using WinScp or filezilla to copy the Music to the SD. The 2 partitions contains the Volumio OS,

Before I just added the music via explorer in windows and then put it back in the RaspPi. I thought the whole Volumio Os was on the Boot partition?

No the boot partition only contains boot information and overlays. The image is stored/expanded on the partitions.

You use WinScp to connect to this partition and you can copy the music to: /data/INTERNAL.

Mount the internal storage:

Available in Music Library:


Took a bit, but it is all mostly working again, thanks.