SD Card Filesystem Corruption

I keep coming across problems where Volumio is quite often trashing the filesystem in some way.

I have a number of RPis running 24/7 on various SD card size/speed/types with no issues like this.

I have tried various different SD cards in a couple of Volumio setups and eventually after a few days or weeks the filesystem will end up corrupted.

Is there something that Volumio is doing to cause this that can be prevented?

My other option is to build things from the ground up myself, install a minimal raspbian build, MPD and the Volumio web interface.

Is it possible to install the web interface on its own?

If you are overclocking, it’s common.
Disable overclocking.

Unfortunately no overclocking to change.

All pretty much standard. Good quality power supplies providing more than enough power.

I also experience issues… no overclocking, but if I reboot after a long time, it doesn’t work and I have to reflash.