Sd card boot on udoo x86

Hello everyone.
I tried to boot with sd card on udoox86 adv but it stops, the same sd card with a usb adapter works properly, are you already aware of this problem?
Do you know how I can solve it?
Thank you!!

Hi, the problem is that X86 cannot boot from SD card (we need to make some changes to make it work this way). Your best bet is to use USB drive or even better the M2 SSD of the UDOO… Volumio will fly with it…

Side note: what do you think of the UDOO X86? I am very curious as I saw its birth as part of UDOO team (I’m the guy on KS video of UDOO X86) :wink:

Hi, I did not have time to do many tests, the first impression is positive, it’s very fast, when I get the components I will try with hd sata and with M2 SSD.
Congratulations, Volumio 2 is complete and reliable, I use it with Hi End components and great satisfaction.

Hi, i have installed a hard disk sata and i configured it to boot, it hangs in the same way, (like sd card).

yes, and it absolutely makes no sense, posting this in multiple locations of this forum :wink:
There is a problem with the sata controller, obviously the disk is inaccessible.
Do you know which controller the Udoo has?

The N-series Intel® Pentium® / Celeron® and x5-Series Atom SoCs embed a SATA Controller, which offers two SATAIII, 6.0 Gbps interfaces.

Of these interfaces, one SATA channel is carried out to a standard male S-ATA connector, CN18 (the other SATA channel is available on the M.2 Key B socket, CN20, please check par. 3.3.9).
Here following the signals related to SATA interface:
SATA1_TX+/SATA1_TX-: Serial ATA Channel #1 Transmit differential pair
SATA1_RX+/SATA1_RX-: Serial ATA Channel #1 Receive differential pair
10nF AC series decoupling capacitors are placed on each line of SATA differential pairs.

Hi everyone, I managed to configure the hard disk as a music storage (not as a boot disk) but when I restart I lose all the settings (fstab samba etc) how can i do it?
Thank you!

Hi, anyone able to flash Volumio on the 32GB eMMC that includes the Udoo x86 Advanced Plus and Ultra version?

Hi all,

Just to give you an update. I installed the volumio x86 image using the dd command mentioned on this post, to the 32GB eMMC disk. But It wont boot completely since it hangs the same point when booting from a SD. The only differences I did is I used the Ubuntu live image in order to see the 32GB eMMC device. Then used the dd command to copy the img file to the emmc (it appears as /dev/mmcblk0). Im using volumio for now from a USB.

I hope you guys fix this to use SD, or the internal eMMC from Advanced Plus or Ultra models.

When I boot volumio from a USB, I see that the eMMC (/dev/mmcblk0) is inaccessible as well. Missing drivers?

You want me to post this on the github issues section?

Yes, please, in the build repo