SD card as music source

Can anyone confirm if this possible. I’d my Pi 2 to play music files direct from a large capacity SD card. Obviously there is only one SD card slot on the Pi, so can I download Volumio onto the same card that holds my music files and will the Pi then be able to render music using Volumio?

hast worked for me. You have to expand your installation on the microsd manually, the support for it in raspi-config is broken. (with raspian its fine). Everything works fine in my case with a hifiberry digi +, i can play from Usb and every other unneeded source - except the for me only neccesary thing: play files from local microsd. There is no playlist. Also a symlink as described in: [ ... i-sd-card/]( didnt help.
I went back to raspian -playing the files from the microsd via mplayer + X-Gui.
Works well.


I wonder if an easy fix would be to use a card reader plugged into one of the USB ports? My interest is academic at this point, just looking forward to a time when you can buy 500GB SD cards. Won’t be that far in th future I reckon.

local playback from the sdcard is now working.
With this hint from the FAQ:

Version 1.5 & 1.55
There is a small bug that the newly created link doesn’t show in the browse tab.
Workaround: create a symlink in one of the existing locations.

I set a new symbolic link inside the /WEBRADIO directory to the directory which contains my flac-files
and moved the webradio links into another (sub)directory.

To your question:
An xyz-sdcard in an usb-stick-like adapter should behave as any usbstick.
I`ll try this on Tuesday when i will receive a new 128 Gbyte microsd card.