SBC with good wireless capability

I have a 3-room volumio set-up that, in general, I am extremely happy with. Occasionally, however, on the volumio instance which is farthest from the wireless router and the NFS drive where the music library lives, there will be a drop in the audio output for a few seconds (at the beginning of playback). This is a minor problem, but it is sort of annoying. I tried adding a TP-Link AC750 extender to the network, close to the unit in question, but that actually seemed to make matters worse (interference?). The unit is a raspberry pi3. Now it occurs to me to wonder if using a different SBC, one with a better wireless chip than the pi3 has, might improve matters. Does anyone here know of an SBC which has a wireless chip which is significantly better than that found on the pi3? Thanks for any advice,

You will probably get better wifi performance if you use an external USB wifi dongle (especially if your RPi is in a case). Careful with your extender, if you place it so far from the router that it has a weak signal, then it will only be extending a poor signal to your RPi close by.

Back to your original question. :wink: I am not aware of any comparisons of wifi performances between the various boards, but I would be surprised if no one has tried it …have a Google. Please let us know what you discover, I would be interested myself.

Thank you; this is helpful – especially what you say about the extender (I probably had it too far from the router and too close to the pi4). But the USB dongle seems like a good idea.

I did Google for comparisons but haven’t found too much so far (some discussions about using SBC’s as access points). I will report back if anything useful turns up.

Thanks, Jim