Saying Hello, from Poland


Since years I’m using Benchmark’s DAC1 USB between portable media players (mostly Dvico TViX M-6500A) and rest of my audio chain.
Couple months ago I’ve discovered RPi as media player. Now, I tried to run RPi powered by Volumio, unfortunately it doesn’t work with Benchmark DAC1 USB :frowning: . I would like to avoid buying additional USB2SPDIF converter to bring it alive, so I beg for direct support via USB.
However, I fully support your philosophy to turn RPi into serious HiFi player. Great job, guys!


EDIT: Benchmark DAC1 USB is working flawlessly with Volumio 1.2b on RPi (via USB). There was only one requirement to be fulfilled.
Connect powered DAC to switched off RPi, then power it up. Otherwise reboot is necessary. Volumio is not PnP.
Lately I have received HiFiBerry Digi and the sound quality is noticeable better than USB.