S/PDIF for Pi B+

Has anyone found a good solution for generating S/PDIF output, either optical or co-ax, to feed an external DAC? I would prefer an I2S solution, but even a USB one would be great provided it works with Volumio and a Raspberry Pi B+.

All ideas gratefully received!

I guess we’re all waiting for the HiFiBerry Digi board, then.

Guess we are - I am loth to part with my external DAC, and like the idea of coaxial (and to some degree optical) SPDIF out. Is it worth considering the one with the output transformer?

I wonder what the new price point will be. :question:

I’m not bothered about the price much. I think the fully isolated version will be the one for me. Hope it comes out soon.

Yay! Pre-ordering of the Digi+ has opened. I’ve got mine in already.