Running Volumio test version 2.271

Aside from the nice initial wizard, is there any info or changelog about this new test version 2.271?

Thanks in advance.

There you go:

First config wizard


Fixed halt on Albumart Scan
Fix aiff detection
Fix software Volume selection
Fix DSD Sample rate
Improve alsa cards detection
Shutdown via systemd
Fixed airplay stuttering
Fix connection to open network
Improved speed of Volume control

PS: Please update to latest

Greeeeat! Tnx Michelangelo and Volumio staff :slight_smile:

Just notes and observations on upgrading to ver 2.271

I upgraded my battery of players last night , tested them all and everything seems normal and they was working ok.

This morning I had running circles on one of the players so I accessed that with the IP adress and then the wizzard startded , every choice was pre selected with correct values so I clicked next through all menues , but after that I did’t had any sound just a Alsa error , rebooted with no change , I had to restore Playback options to Audio jack / Save / Power of
and then set Playback options to correct values / Save / Power of and then the sound worked again
It was the same behavior on all players when I accessed them with there IP adress !?

Version 2.271 tested. Everything runs great.

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Thanks. I’ve just upgraded to 2.272. I think it would be a good idea to post this kind of changelog everytime there’s a new test version available. That way, people who is testing can check changes and folved bugs and report back to developers if needed.

i have updated to 2.272 on rpi3+boss dac. problem: alsa error, may be volumiosimpleequilizer, blank screen. plz help

Updated: disabled volumiosimpleequalizer, it’s working fine…

running 2.279
still getting “Pushing Favourites {“service”:“airplay”,“uri”:”",“favourite”:false}" when Airplaying from Mac/VOX
still getting Alsa error opening softvolume; send_pcm_hw_params(): failed when playing DSD on software mixer
My Digi+pro is appearing as “snd_rpi_hifiberry_digi+” (this is probably due to 2.279 being testing/beta version)

Volume response is finally great in WebUI. That bugged the hell out of me. iOS version still is slow.
-Also in the iOS version its really hard to adjust because it drags the background instead of the volume slider
Setup wizard was nice

Only last version of volsimpleequal (should) works with last dev version volumio.
So 2 options :

  • new volumio install and new plugin from github ( or use the link in plugin collection thread)
  • on your update version, you need to ssh and remove the plugin folder :

cd / rm -Rf /data/plugins/miscellanea/volsimpleequal
The webUI should come back after that…
And then install the last version of volspimpleequal.
Let me know as I didn’t test on a RPI3… :wink:


Yea. Thats the latest test version

Which devices are affected ? RPI only ?

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