Running Volumio software on a QNAP NAS ???

I’m loving the audiophonic experiences that volumio is giving my home :wink:

While pondering on the many many project ideas in my head i started wondering… I have a QNAP NAS (intel based) running 24/7 in a closet a few meters from where my rpi running volumio is located…
The qnap is there, is network connected, holds a lot of my music, has USB, runs a linux based OS, has a webserver, php etc… What if… Using a decent USB DAC… hmmmm…

Anyone ever tried installing volumio on a qnap nas ? (or on any intel cpu based pc for that matter ?)

I am no expert here, but I think you have the best setup. Using a pi with a dac seems to be the most economical bang for your buck, depending on which usb dac you had in mind. Then you also need to consider the qnap needs to recognize this dac. Haven’t even thought of the volumio install. Maybe 2.0 would be easier?

In a nutshell, after this mini rant, it should be possible, but it may take a while. Just enjoy music from your pi! :slight_smile:

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Oh i do… :slight_smile:

Just wondered if… you know…