Running 2.021 on RPi, Artist search and Album name issues,


I’ve found a bug in where any albums with the same name will be grouped in under whichever artist is searched for e.g. I did a search for Rick James in my library. On clicking into his “Greatest Hits” album I’m seeing every other artist’s “Greatest Hits” album, but none of Rick James’ songs are listed in the search.

Also if I search for artists they do not come up in the artists section, for example if i search for Prince there is no record in the artist section but the album “Prince” by Prince shows up in the albums section. Searching Tom brings up nothing but searching Tom Petty brings up Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. I’ve 18 albums by Tom Petty on my share yet only 2 show up in the search.

Is there a limit to the amount of albums that are shown in a search, or is there an issue with search that it will only match exact strings rather than any string that contains the search term?

Same issue is still exists in 2.031. This renders the library search useless as a lot of hits are not included in the result list.

I think this was already the case with 1.55 - hopefully there is a way to fix this.
I had this strange behaviour: I have a folder on my NAS called “Scrubs OST”. Inside there are folders for the different season, each with their own songs and correctly tagged. However, when I search for “Scrubs”, the only “Album” result is “Season 1”. When I search from a song from Season 2, I do find the song (also connected to the Season 2 album), but I won’t find the Season 2 album.
One way to handle this would be the usage of the MusicBrainz Identifier (, even though I think this would be quite a huge library rewrite.

Edit: Thinking about this… I think even Kodi (back with v14) had those “Greatest Hits” issues… hmm…