Rpi4 + Volumio + VFD display = Delays, information is interrupted

Hi, I’m at a loss. LCDproc installed, MPDLCD installed. It works automatically, but for some reason the display slows down after 10 seconds and updates about every 10 seconds. This is the same when changing a number, the new number is written about 10 seconds later.
Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
Here is a video of the error:

I don’t know if it matters, but at boot it says:
Sorry for bad english.

Please only use the plugins provided in the plugin store.
Reflash the SD and install the plugin “Touch Display”

This VFD display connects via USB, not HDMI.

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Then I am afraid your going to run into issues. Seems the drivers break up Volumio.

The hdmi output (Touch Display) plus the VFD also works for others. In principle, the two are not connected.

I disabled the Touch Display extension as a test, but it still lags.