Rpi3 + Digi+Pro + Modi 2 Uber = DSD Dropout

Really thought the Digi+Pro would solve the dropout issue of DSD audio.

I have a 50mb/s wireless connection playing files from my Synology DS216+ii and Asus AC1600 router
Digi+Pro to Modi 2 Uber Toslink connection
Playback Settings:
Device Output: Hifi Digi+Pro
i2s DAC: off
DSD Playback Mode: DSD Direct (for DSD to PCM conversion since the Modi 2 Uber does not playback DSD Natively)
Audio Buffer Size: 8mb
Buffer Before Play: 20%
Mixer Type: None
Audio Resampling: Off

Can someone point me in the right direction to get DSD/DSF playing without dropping out?

I’m guessing the issue is that the Rpi just doesn’t have the processing capability to do on the fly DSD to PCM conversion. So in this case the solution would be to go with a Odroid C2, a native DSD capable DAC, or convert my DSD collection to PCM.

Playing Pet Sounds it seems the issue has resolved itself after a complete reboot and unplug. Going to convert my remaining .iso to .dsf and keep testing.

Any possibility of getting .iso support in Volumio?

Try to enable resampling, put quality on medium and leave the rest as it is . let me know

Have you tried overclocking the RPi? It might help with the DSD->PCM conversion.

Native DSD seems to play ok on my RPi 2 that is overclocked a little.

So after alot of playing this is what I’ve found

DSD/DSF plays great once the library is loaded up and no other processes are running. I’m getting no dropouts, clicks, or crackles with settings I listed in the first post. I could even drop the buffer to 128kb/10% with no dropouts, clicks, or crackles.
However, I ssh’d and looked at CPU usage and MPD was using at least 150% CPU when playing DSD.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.43.27 PM.png
I’m assuming this is because it is converting DSD to PCM? Is this normal?
I guess I could overclock it slightly but if +150% CPU is normal during DSD playback then I wont worry about it.

Next, I can’t play DSD when Software Mixer is on. Is there a reason for this? This is the error message I am getting
It would be nice to be able to change volume through the UI so I can stay wireless and not have to go upstairs and change volume on my preamp all the time