RPi2 volumio 1.55 and upnp fails

I have a strange problem.
I’m using Foobar2000 with upnp media renderer plugin to play files from my computer. It worked with Samsung galaxy tab and bubble upnp. It worked with Raspbian and gmediarenderer. It worked with nokia Lumia play to. But it’s not working on volumio 1.55. I updraded sustem and mpd, still no luck.
When I play some music from usb stick, and while playing i try to play something through upnp the playback stops, path changes to stream.wav, but there is no playbak. On foobar there is a strange loop of playback time 1s-2s-1s-2s and so on.
I once managed to hear music from foobar, when I changed mixer type in playback settings, I clicked save changes and could hear a second of playback, but when mpd restarted there was no playback again.
I have no idea what can I do, please help.

Update, tested it on a fresh installation of volumio using ethernet instead of wifi dongle, foobar2000s playback acts the same loops 1-2s :frowning: