RPi2 + HifiBerry + + RpI Touchscreen 7"

Hi everyone!
i am trying to build a local mp3/flac player with an integrated touchscreen.
Getting a little xwindow with a local browser running works fine, image shows up on the big screen over HDMI.
So all is well and the sound and usability is excellent (kudos!!!)!

Now i am trying to add a 7" original RPi touchscreen, but with no luck.
It works well on Rapsbian and even Arch, but won’t on Volumio. I tried apt-get update and upgrade, but with now luck.
Even tried out Volumio 2 beta (which looks really good btw!), but also no luck.

Anybody ANY ideas? Looking for solutions for days/nights.
As far as i understand the current kernel Volumio runs on does not support the touchscreen, which would make my project impossible kinda. :frowning:

I am not a linux freak, but understand linux basics and commandline stuff.

Thanks a lot for any help! <3

You should check the boot.ini file on the FAT partition. There is an option to enable the touchscreen, I don’t have it here at the moment but you should be able to find it.