RPi model B with PiFi DAC v 1.0


I am trying to make the first steps into RPi and DAC HAT world.
So I bought a chinese clone of PiFi DAC v1.0.
I just set up volumio and when palying back some music I see playback has started but no sound comes from the speakers.
I am only connected to the storage disk on my pc by ethernet. Is this ok or should I use usb instead.
Also how do I check that the PiFi DAc is correctly recognized by Volumio?

Thank you so much for your help


Hi Mario,

What i2s DAC setting did you choose in Volumio ?


Hi Josef

First of all thnk you for your reply.
In DAC Model I am using HiFi Berry DAC Plus
IS hi the right one and should any further config be done via comandline?
Thank you once again


Hi Mario,

That is all right.
No need to add something to config.txt or to do something on the commandline.

There is a red LED indicating the power supply is working and green one that lights up if it is initialized by Volumio.

I also started with some of those cheap clones. At 1 of them a capacitor (100nF) was missing and therefore the sound has been ugly. Quality does meet the low price. After adding this part it did also work.

Could you add pictures of the powered system ?


Hi Josef,

I send you the pictures of the powered on system and also of an error that appears when i try to play some music.




did you take care about the 8pin connector ?

Yes, I soldered the connectors but I guess my skills are not so good. Maybe that’s the issue!

I have the same setup… what 8pin connector? Im not able to find anything about this.

Hi Miguel,

This is only for the „old“ model.
Look at the picture from durius.