RP4 + 7" original Touchscreen -> Screen goes OFF after some time


I am quite new to RP + Volumio.
But I have installed all parts and all is working well so far:

  • RP4
  • 7" original Touchscreen
  • Volumio (incl. Touch-Plugin)

Maybe I have overlooked those, but I did not find any settings for controlling the “screen off” function or even to avoid that the Touchscreen is going off after some time…
I don´t want to touch the screen each time to I just want that the Touchscreen is always ON…!

My simple question is:
Is there any setting to manage this Touchscreen on/off or screen time inside Volumio or maybe in RP4 ?

Thanks a lot for any hint

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in the settings>> plugins>>installed plugins>> touch plugin
you will find the settings click on this here you will find screensaver time out :
instead of the 120 sec you replace it with 0

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And another useful option there is to allow saver when idle but always on when playing.

OMG :slight_smile: Yes that is so easy…I didn’t look at installed plugins because I thought the plugins were only listed there, but I had no idea that you could then make settings there :stuck_out_tongue:

THANK YOU very much !

brgs andy

your welcome andy :slight_smile: