Roon Bridge PlugIn

Hello, any comments on the “Roon Bridge” plugin?
I installed this long ago:

[code] sudo apt-get install bzip2
curl -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

Work fine.
Is the same? I install the plugin and I don’t see anything different.

It is quite similar. Roon Bridge as a volumio plugin does use a different path for storing its setting files than standard installations of Roon Bridge (in the /data/configuration directory).

But aside from that it simply makes the installation easier for users who are not familiar with ssh or shell.

Thanks! good job!

Is there no way to send metadata to Volumio?

Technically this is be possible.
But it requires more effort (and time). It can be retrieved by the Roon API. But I thought, it is more useful if people could already install it and use it without metadata display instead of waiting for a full featured implementation.

I assumed, I saw some lines of code pointing to that, right?
Do you think (calmly) follow the development?

It may be sufficient that you “clean” the “Reproduction” tab of Volumio and report that it is playing from Roon.

I will look into it, when I have some time. (Christmas time is very busy time for me. )