Room correction using your iPhone and HouseCurve

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I’ve had a fair number of questions about my app note (below). I think it’s appropriate to start a dedicated topic for users to post questions and share their experiences.

Full disclosure, I am the author of HouseCurve, but I’m also a happy Volumio user. The app note was created using my RPi + HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP setup.


A lot of users, including myself, struggle to get measurements over AirPlay to work with Volumio. I believe this has something to do with Shairport not liking short segments of audio. The workaround is to transfer the sweep file to the audio system as documented in the app note. If anyone knows more about this, I’d love to hear from you :slight_smile:

The next most common question is about transferring files from iOS devices to a Samba share. There is an issue where files look like they have transferred, but have a size of zero bytes. This might be an RPi issue only. The fix is to install the Fruit Samba VFS module on your system. Instructions are here.

In FusionDsp there is a ‘Tools’ menu. It installs some sweep files and pink noise.
They are generated in REW.

You can add your files in the shared folder /data/INTERNAL/FusionDsp/Tools to be able play them directly.
I also propose you to include your sweeps in Tools in order to make it easier.
Contact me if you are interested :wink:

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Thanks, that’s an interesting idea. Let me mull that for a bit. The sweeps are actually generated on the device as it was easier (for me) to support different combinations of channels (and perhaps lengths in the future).