Rhythmbox/Itunes-style gui for Volumio/mpd


I’ve been using Raspify and Volumio on a Raspberry Pi for a while now and I am very happy ( :smiley: ) with how it works (and sounds off cource).
Most of the time I am using a Samsung tablet as a “frontend”.

I am a big fan of the Rhythmbox/Itunes style of browsing my music libary (!! Not a fan of Mac). I have searched but cannot find a software that works with Volumio /MPD on Android.
One possible alternative is to try out Ubuntu on the Tablet but I have not found an available frontend for Ubuntu either (I have also checked the Rhythmbox plugin list). I’m running Ubuntu on my desktop computer.

Anyone who knows if there is one available somewhere or if there are plans to develop one (sorry, have no skill in that area myself).

A big thank you to the developer(s)



  1. Volumio-UI: Give the browser of your choice a chance, e.g. Firefox, Chrome.
  2. mpd:
    play.google.com/store/apps/deta … ev.mpdroid

I did not test it with volumio, but let’s hope the very best. :wink:


Mpdroid is the best at moment and work nice. I only use it with volumio and rarely the web interface.

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Thank’s for you are answers but you need to read the full post (or maybe I was unclear).
I have mpddroid and I have tested many, many different frontends. Mostly I use the default webgui, it has it’s benefits in it’s simplicity.

What I am looking for is a Rhythmbox/Itunes style GUI.
A choice in one (or more of the top lists) filters all the other fileds.
That is selecting a certain Genre only shows artists and albums matching that selection.

I…Filtered song list…I

MPDroid is the best on Android at the moment. It’s not far off what you want. and iTunes is rubbish! :stuck_out_tongue:

Although if you want to use iTunes then why not just use iTunes with Airplay?

If you’re using windows then try GMPC: gmpc.wikia.com/wiki/GMPC_SCREENSHOST

I do agree with the overall point though. I wish there was an Android MPD client that worked like Poweramp, and a Windows client that worked like MediaMonkey.

You could use client175: http://code.google.com/p/client175/
it offers a gui through a webbrowser and comes with quite some features, like uploading files and editing file tags (for both mp3 and flacs, as far as I remember).

I never tested it under android though…