review USB DAC reclocker

Thanks Michelangelo & ifi I was lucky to watch the iPurifier2 more closely.
The iPurifier2 looks very well designed! Small, aluminum housing and gold plated USB plug / socket. The device don’t need an extra power supply and is also USB3 compatible. 2 LEDs signal power and data stream.

From IdeonAudio I got also the 3R Renaissance. Also a USB reclocker, regenerator. This unit comes in a much larger aluminum / plastic housing. It offers USB2 plug / socket and also 2 LEDs for power and USB operation. The device is operated with an extra 7.5V power supply and will be quite warm during operation.

Since we already heard a significant improvement in the sound quality with the I2S Reclocker from Allo, I was curious about what the USB Reclockers will bring.

As a USB DAC I used the Elac EA101EQ-G and the ifi nano IOne. The amplifier used the EA101EQ-G with 2 FS 78 loudspeakers, as well as Elac.
On the Raspi 3B I installed volumio 2.201.

The Elac EA101EQ-G USB DAC makes an overall good impression and with the iPurifier2, the sound was again clearer. It made more pleasure in listening. The 3R Renaissance enhanced the impression, the clarity, the details were however a bit exhausting. Something beyond the goal.

Connected to the ifi nano IOne surprised the iPurifier2 with a slightly muted sound. The ifi nano IOne in itself sounded very well and balanced. Also clear and open. Probably I should have played the USB DAC without iPurifier2 last week …
The 3R Renaissance did here again what he should. The sound became clearer and more detailed. At the ifi nano IOne not too strong.

Summary. If you want to get the best sound from your USB DAC, try a USB Reclocker. In most cases, it will noticeably improve the sound.

1 Elac EA101EQ-G
2 Elac EA101EQ-G & iPurifier2
3 Elac EA101EQ-G & 3R Renaissance
4 ifi nano IOne
5 ifi nano IOne & iPurifier2
6 ifi nano IOne & 3R Renaissance


I heard about this USB recloaker 3d Renaissance from a very trusted source (thx dimdim) …and apparently its excellent hardware , very well designed and with an immediate improvement in the DAC sound…

We also made a USB reclocker and paired it with our Sparky. In our Audio Precision testing we have a jump of 10dB in THD+N. (compared with RPI feeding the same DAC with the same PSUs)

To give a perspective…every 6dB equals double…yes double of the THD+N (and we got 10dB improvement)