Revert a modified file in /volumio


Could somebody please review the following commands for potential problems. They revert a modified file in /volumio, and are based on commands from volumio updater restorevolumio, but resync the filesystem by remounting the root volume. They are intended to be run on a working system without requiring a reboot, and I have been using them while Volumio is running without noticing problems.

# create a temporary directory
tmp_dir=$(mktemp -d -t mpd_oled-XXXXXXXXXX)

# mount the upper filesystem
mount /dev/mmcblk0p3 "$tmp_dir"

# remove the changed mpd.conf template file (should warn if not present)
rm "$tmp_dir/dyn/volumio/app/plugins/music_service/mpd/mpd.conf.tmpl"

# tidy up
umount "$tmp_dir"
rmdir "$tmp_dir"

# syncronise and put the file system back in good order
mount -o remount /