Reversed functions names for "DSD playback mode": "DSD direct" and "DSD over PCM (DoP)"

Hi, in my belief, Volumio version 2.779 (Released: Jun 8 18:35:15 CEST 2020) has reversed functions names for “DSD playback mode”: “DSD direct” and “DSD over PCM (DoP)”. Personally, I don’t mind, but it can be confusing for other Volumio users.
I have 2 DACs, one only plays PCM (“MiniDSP DDRC-24”) and the other only DSD (“DSD DAC DSC2 with Amanero Combo384 USB”) so I am 100 % sure of my claim.
I express my admiration for everything you do (I just realized that you made it possible for “Amanero Combo384 USB” to play in DSD direct mode which was not possible until recently).

Hi guys, here’s how i managed to further test the problem of (reversed names) replacing the “DSD Direct” and “DoP” tags in Volumio :

the prerequisite is that the Volumio boot with the DSD Direct mode. After booting, go to settings and set to DoP mode (after that, DSD DAC will play).

If you then reset the Volumio (in DoP mode) and after boot start PLAY (in DoP mode), the DAC will not play.

I hope this helps,