Rest api prev doesn't work

if i use this i only can get the song the begin of the song with curl.
and not the song before this song.

is there a command that really jumps a song back ?

You need to execute it twice, this is normal behaviour for most mediaplayers.

Another option is to keep track of queue and currently playing song, then execute play command with previous song position as argument.

part of rainmeter script the action:

LeftMouseUpAction=[powershell -noprofile -windowstyle hidden -executionpolicy bypass "Invoke-WebRequest -Uri #URL#/api/v1/commands/?cmd=prev"][powershell -noprofile -windowstyle hidden -executionpolicy bypass "Invoke-WebRequest -Uri #URL#/api/v1/commands/?cmd=prev"][!refresh]

rewriten the script with some help from the guys at rainmeter
so this is now inrelevant.