Reset network config on SSH Console


i have a Raspberry Pi3 with a none working network config

I like to rest the network settings only back to default, but keep everything else.

Is there a way to this ?

I have SSH access

while files need to be edit

No way to just reset network settings, since if you reset the network settings on Volumio, they will be still enabled on system files

simple edit those system files using nano ?

where are those settings stored ?

I strongly advise against editing manually system files, this way the OTA updates won’t work

just by changing an ip address ? :open_mouth:

Same issue here, after a router replacement DNS mask has changed, and I needed to changed the fixed IP address for Volumio (Pi B).
Edited /data/configuration/system_controller/network/config.json, rebooted, to no effect. The old IP address still in effect.
I’d rather no reflash just to change an IP address :frowning:

What a shame… don’t write here for people some of them with degrees and years in IT that you had no skills to program some simple script for network settings reset and distribute it within volumio image or at least publish here. Now I need to reset whole system 3’d time in half a year because I changed my wi-fi or whatever else reason and cannot reach volumio via new network.
Disgusting …

I’m no programer, but if I understand correctly your problem, I believe you can set the Volumio to fall back to Access Point mode if it can’t login on the configured network, and from there you can reconfigured it to the new network settings.

No I cannot. Failback feature was disabled.
Now on ssh ifconfig show there is no ip on wifi…

what pi do you have?
did you try wired?
what did you switch off?

I wrote - Any!
Currently there is only on lo

does anybody know how at least to activate wifi failback to hotspot?

ip of hotspot should be

So, you have disabled the fallback function that would prevent your current problem, and it is simple to use by (almost) any user with no programing knowledge, and want a solution that only IT savy users could understand?
Sorry, i fail to see the logic… and really don’t have any other solution other than resetting the all system and then turn on the fallback function to prevent future problems…

Setting / Network / somewhere down the page you’ll find the Hotspot settings

Mine is in portuguese, but I hope you can understand it.

No hw near my hand for wired - less troubles just to reset whole volumio.

But you helped me dvo with your “what did you switch off” !!

I reset my tablet which I was using for wifi tethering to factory defaults - after that volumio don’t want to connect. Now I realized that tablet reset changed tethering ssid. Returned old SSID name - volumio is back :slight_smile:

oke nice i always want to know all steps if i want to help.
a good overview what’s going on …

nice your back :slight_smile:

In any way - volumio wifi failback to hotspot sometimes make me embarrassing troubles and I prefer to disable it. That lead me sometimes to stuck situations when only one way exist - volumio reset. So It will be very useful to have network edit or at least reset possibility from console …

it’s always handy to have a long network cable wifi will drop some times or switches back.
a known bug i saw comming by in time so keep that in mind…
you can edit it but you will lose update to the next version …
they are working on the 3.xx version that takes all of our resources at the moment.