Remapping pins - Allo DigiOne and Allo Relay Attenuator

A new thread following on from my other one about the debugging the ARA with GPIO.

Setup is Volumio 2.779 on an RPi 3B+. Official Alllo Relay Attenuator plugin. Allo DigiOne HAT. Allo Relay Attenuator connected via breakout and GPIO spacers. Digione feeds a Khadas Tone Board and the ARA is downstream of that.

Both Allo devices want to use physical pin 11 / GPIO17. Therefore I can have one or the other working but not both. How do I remap this pin for one device only?

I know I can use dtoverlay to point one device at another pin. But if I use WiringPi GPIO to change the pin, won’t it change it for both devices, and therefore I’m back to square one?

Input & suggestions appreciated.

Paul E