Relay attenuator plugin won't do 0 to 63

The relay attenuator plugin V1.3.0 has a setting to switch the volume range from the default 0 to 100, to 0 to 63; that makes great sense since the attenuator has a 64 dB range. However, switching it has no affect on the UI; the UI still shows 0 to 100. For those of us who want to control recording level in exact dB steps, this is a big problem.

In addition, the plugin reports an error on installation (Detail: Error), and also if you try to uninstall it. Uninstall doesn’t work; you click ‘Uninstall’, get the error, and the plugin is still installed.

I also thought this is a problem in the beginning, but it is technically working.
The user interface is a bit misleading.
It always shows 100 as maximum, even if you set maximum volume to a different level
If you press pause and then change the volume, you should hear the relays clicking:

  • When mapping is activated you can it hear clicking all the time when setting volume between 0-100.
  • When mapping is deactivated, the clicking stops at 63 (maximum), everything above has no effect.