Reconnect to webradio after 24h provider break

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I need some help…

I run 3 RB3 with volumio with a private shoutcast radio stream to make the music in 3 different restaurants.

Now I have the problem that volumio doesn’t reconnect the webradio stream after the 24h provider break.
Is there a way that volumio connects after the break automatic to the stream?

I hope some smart people around here can help me…

Thanks in advance…


Yes this should be doable, i am not a Expert so i cannot help you directly waht i can do is to share my Research, since i need such function to.

What you should search-

  • Could Setup a Cron job, run A “MPD” command to reconnect to the stream, possible to “ping” something like at first to check if the stream is available and then run the “MPD” command to reconect to the stream. Should definetly work, its a generic Linux solution i am implementing something like that as i write this.

  • I also found something that could work also, there is something called “MPD Watchdog” i dont know if it works under volumio, under RuneAudio it did

If i get the it to work, like ROCK SOLID i will gladly share it here.

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I suggest you to try this … ireconnect
It should work for eth or WiFi. Just set your interface. Let me know.


MPD watchdog works also in Volumio because it interacts with MPD directly.

To install it, refer to … dog/424/10

In short:

wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add - sudo wget -q -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tkem.list sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mpd-watchdog

Have fun

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Hey all,

I had the same issue, as at my home I use my phone as the main “modem” (connected to my router using USB tethering), so every time I left the house, web radios would drop out and I had to manually stop and resume playback for them to reconnect when coming back home.

Since I couldn’t get MPD watchdog to work and balbuze’s wifireconnect solves imho a slightly different problem (WiFi drop-out, not just internet drop-out), I decided to tinker my own watchdog service (written in Python), hopefully this is useful for somebody out there :smile:



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Thanks for sharing. I’ll test is as replacement for mpd-watchdog in my setup.
While the watchdong thing seems to do what it is supposed to I have issues with volumio sometimes hanging and not being able to stop/start webradio . Not sure if that is related to the watchdog, though.

btw, I’ve went ahead and created a first issue in your repo :slight_smile:

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