Recommnded ARM boards for best Volumio/Computer Combination

Hi All,

I got a friend interested in Volumio. I’d like to build a new server myself and possible for my friend.
I was just wondering if there was a “good, better, best” recommendation for an ARM board to use with Volumio?
I was interested in the Udoo some time ago. Seemed like the best the time. Today, there could be something new I am not aware of.

One thing that the Rpi had a problem with was the network interface shared a bus with the USB hub. Don’t know if take is still true.
The new Rpi looks a lot like the Udoo of a couple of years ago.

Please share your thoughts.

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Well if it’s recommended or not, you can only tell if you have used both.

I built the Raspberry Pi 2b + Hifiberry DAC+ Pro and installed Volumio. I don’t use that Wifi option, because I found the itch in my bod due to the radiation rather ugly. A UTP ethernet cable is fine. I don’t run a NAS yet either. Just popped in a 64Gb SD Card and that does the job for now.

I did try to choose the option with, in my guess, the least problems and the best result. The power supply is probably the weakest link when it comes to audiophile sound. If anyone has a nice recommendation for the microUSB 5V requirement I’m all ears.

I depends on what you want to do with it.
If you only want to use it as a radio streamer you don’t need the top notch audio output since the streams aren’t the best of the best audio quality.
If you only listen to high quality audio you do want the better DAC and power supply.
If you want to use it for other activity’s than “just good audio” as well, any thing lighter than the R-Pi 2 would probably not have enough computing power.
If you don’t mind power consumption and footprint x86/x64 could be your prefered option, but then you could be better of running volumio as a VM.

So, how do you plan to use Volumio?

And take a look here: meet-odroid-the-newest-member-the-volumio-family-t3944.html Gé shows of Volumio 2 on the Odroid C2 (the first cheap ARM64 board).

Or if you can’t wait for the C2… The c1+ and its i2s DAC is a great combo!

I’m looking at one of the UDOO boards, which would be the recommended option (Quad or Neo Full)?

apologies for replying to this thread, wasn’t sure where to post this type of question