Recomendations for a hat/dac for headphones only.


Recently set-up Volumio on a Pi3 and am using an Audioquest Dragonfly Red for headphone listing.
I’m stunned at how good it sounds.
I’d like to try a hat/dac with an integrated headphone amp.
This box will be headphones only.
I’d prefer to not have to use an additional power supply.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


I have an RPi box that I use exclusively with headphones, using an IQAudio DAC:

Very happy to recommend it.

Thank you looks nice.
The inclusion of dedicated headphone amp is a plus for sure.
I’ll get one, or maybe the pro for the extra couple $.


Hi, i have these recomendations with extra headphone amp: … 1ab-2b-3b/

I’ve been looking at the 502DAC Pro, looks like the swiss army knife of hats.

As an aside I find it ironic that I look at the $129 price tag and think " that’s expensive".
Back in my audiofool days I spent that on a nail polish sized bottle of magic contact treatment or some ferrite dots. :blush:

I know I’m preaching to the choir but what an amazing time for those who enjoy music.
Access to all the music in the world for less than a couple Starbucks a month from a $200 little box.

Still nothing captivates and gets me as close to the music as my turntable. Trouble is at 500 lbs it’s not very portable. :laughing:

If I see it right, the chip inside the IQaudIO Raspberry PI DAC+ is a TPA6133A from Texas Instruments which delivers maximum 1,5Veff (translates from 140mW @ 16Ohms), which might be little for certain high-impedance phones from 200-600Ohm.

Thanks for the insight
Currently using Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 @ 18 Ohm, sound great, like the closed back and folding design as I’m using this as a travel rig.
Trouble is for me they become extremely uncomfortable after a 20min.
I’m looking for alternatives atm the Oppo PM-3 @ 26 Ohm are at the top of list.

This Oppo PM-3 is certainly an upgrade to the Momentum 2.0, from what I’ve heard so far… and way better looking!