RASPI B+ DAC Compatible


More and more B+ are sold. Dac compatibility are not allways well explained.
I read lots of messages from B+ users telling that their Dac is no more working when using a B+

I expect something working on Hardware/OS and software side in order to use it Volumio latest distrib.

I saw a post for dacBerry3+ (ES9023 I2S DAC Module For Raspberry Pi B+) that can be used from now on the B+, are there other models “B+ & Volumio ready” ?


I Also found : iqaudio.com Pi-DAC “PLUS”
tindie.com/products/IQaudIO … erry-pi-b/

Both sounds good on the paper.

Good review using its combined with B+ ?

Hifiberry DAC+ is compatible with B+, I am using it with great results.

Thanks Chariot, I’ll keep that in mind.
It could be a good one.

Any B+ compatible DAC using SABRE ES9023 chip reviewed here ?

Like : Audiophonics I-Sabre DAC ES9023 Raspberry Pi / I2S
www.audiophonics.fr/fr/kits-modules-diy … -8962.html

How did you do that ?

When i try to activate I2S driver i get this error :


It is not done through the UI. You need to edit the config. Are you using volumio 1.41?

Follow this:

hifiberry.com/guides/hifiber … iguration/

I see a cheapest one (17 to 32€) , but I don’t know if it’s possible to use it on the raspi B+ I2S pins ?

Audiophonics DAC Sabre ES9023 V2.0 I2S vers Analogique 24bit/192KHZ
audiophonics.fr/fr/kits-modu … -8396.html

Any Volumio’s users got this one working with a B+ ?
Good one ?

Thanks !

I would also be interested to know if anyone has had success with this DAC and the B+

Hello Pete,

Technically it should work wired like that :


[code]Hello Pete,

Technically it should work wired like that :


Thanks IRoN, I have ordered from EBay. Figure if it doesn’t work with my B+ I will use it with one of my B boards, until such time as I can figure something out.

Postage from France was more than the cost of the DAC - EUR14.90, postage EUR22.08, which I thought ridiculous. :frowning:

Finaly after of some days ( and nights :open_mouth: ) the Raspberry B+ work fine with I2S out with any i2s DAC i try , one NOS ad1865 , and MAMBO V2 & V3

beautiful work!!! I’m realy excited !!

edit ,

and and some observations about the I2S out in my oscilloscope , when chance the track , or just stop the track , the i2s out , stop working and start again , so some time one "pop " " crack " sound in speakers it appear … this is a bit strange , in usb or spdif to I2S modules stop only the DATA signal …
the clocks its always on …

I’m going to by this DAC for my b+

Are there any problem or any mistakes?
I sow it has 50mhz clock installed.

Thank you

Work fine with rpi b+ , the 50 mhz and up oscillator is recommended for HD in sabre dac ,

have a nice weekend


Very well, thank you!

Could you explain the exact steps you achieved to make this available?
This way you’ll find it already done in upcoming 1.5 release :sunglasses:

Michelangelo, in the 1.5 version the on board line out of b+ has been corrected?
In 1.4 version left and right channel are crossed.


sudo nano /etc/modules

and then put only this inside



this set of modules look very stable , and workink exactly in this way , if any chance not work …


sound really beautiful , but need some work in core modules for better quality , the usb solution sound a little overall better , testing system MAC ->RPI B+ -> VOLUMIO -> MAMBO DAC V3 -> SET 300B
The RPI feed from from linear ultra low noise power suply from TEXAS INSTR.

the overall result its a killer bubget !! :mrgreen: