Raspberry pi + khadas tone board

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I use raspberry pi3 + allo piano dac, but I would like to go to the khadas tone board without any problems

Thank you

RP-3, Volumio -> USB -> Tone Board …works finest!!! Only prob I see is, that it is sold out, not available anywhere due to its quality, they are working on a new batch…good DAC.

Agree with Berry, a very good DAC to use with an RPi. They are available in France:


Does the tone board receive signal and power from the USB output

Out of the box, yes, but you can feed the required 5v via the GPIO pins, and use a signal only USB C cable.

I have rpi3 + kali + piano and also khadas tone board. Both plays very well, can not say that khadas is better than piano. Khadas I tried with volumio on RPI3, pc with win 10, android phone with usb audio player pro and with Allo Digione. For Khadas I have an aluminum case. Case is on photo:


kali + piano 2.1 have nice sound then I realized that the imitation of a card is more planetary than kali + piano tone board with rp3 and volumio can process music at 32/784 resolution

20181003_203326.jpg2018-12-04 21.06.56.jpg2018-11-22 18.15.44.png


Helix Dsp Pro Mk2 dac Mode
Helix Psix Dsp Mk2 dac Mode
Audison Bitone HD dac Mode

but i am looking for a good dac for rp3 not good network like rp3 allo boss or tone board

try the iDSD Ifi micro!!

2018-11-22 18.14.30.jpg2018-12-27 10.05.39.jpg

hello english is weak because of this reason I am using google translation I’ve made my head apologies apologize as a result of small research and comments I decided to get a tone board and I’ve contacted with the seller I’ll get a good budget and set a budget, I’ll pass a good class s amp also have a new tower cabin project focal beryllium I will go with 6 channel amp vs dsp and I will recommend it with VOLUMIO.

rpi3 and Khadas tone board + audioquest jitterbug gorgeous sound

thanks volumio

Did you end up drilling holes in the rPI acrylic cover to mount the Khadas Tone Board?


Hocam selam pi3 ile khadas tone board’u nasıl birbirine bağladın ?