Raspberry pi 4 overclock

Hi everybody,
I wonder if there is a way to overclock the volumio/raspberry pi 4 system.
Any change in config file makes the os not booting and the rapi-config says it’s not possible to oveclock.
I would like to overclock to make the system snappier.
Thanks in advance for any help

Doubt you are going to see any snappiness from such tweaks, Volumio isn’t CPU bound…

Overclocking will cause the CPU to generate more electrical interference which could be noticeable on the connection to your DAC. This might be heard as a buzz, or other interference, when listening to very quiet passages of music. Most quality DACs would however be immune to this.
As Ashthespy points out the RPI4 at standard settings has sufficient computational capability to run Volumio. I would also point out it can simultaneously run room correction DSP software - so the we can safely say that the RPI4 at standard settings is up to the job

And pi4 already runs pretty hot at standard settings…

I’d certainly recommend the FLIRC heatsink case for any RPI4 - even under idle conditions to keep CPU cool. Only downside cannot put HAT DAC directly on top of RPI4. However above the lowest price points USB DACs outperform HAT DACs - often very considerably.

I use the same case and it keeps the pi4 on the lower 50ºC, wich is pretty good. Without case I’ve seen it above 60ºC.

case? keep it cool with a cooler most of the time 34ºC and use a usb dac :slight_smile:

A fan is a no no on any sound system of mine!
That ideia is almost heretic! :smiling_imp:

I have this for PI4 installed in a car, keeps it cool enougth to not shutdown even in summer, this wont affect ability to use dac hat. i doubt that small fan would add anything expect noise.