Raspberry pi 2 + hifi berry + volumio not working


I wanted to install Volumio on my Raspberry pi 2 with Hifi berry. I followed the instructions on your page and copied the latest image to my SD card, after formatting it to Ms dos fat. The image file copied successfully, however when I plug the card in my Raspberry and connect it with electricity, nothing happens (I don’t see any input on the screen).

What might be the cause of this and what should I do?

I really want to get this thing working…

Thank you!

If your card is flashed correctly, you should see a red light when powering the RPI and blinking light during the boot.
Volumio is not design to be used with a screen keyboard
You have to access to it through the network via a web browser http://volumio.local or IP.adresss.of.the.pi.


Thanks for your help. I realized that - perhaps you could emphasize that in the documentation?

I somehow managed to get it working with copying the image from Windows - on the OS X I could not get it to work. So if anyone is having the same problems - go burn the image to SD card from a Windows computer.

However, now that I can use it through the web interface and ssh, I’m experiencing some strange issues:

  1. When I restart Volumio or if I plug out the electricity it in some cases won’t boot again. It will happen that the read light stays on, but no green light is blinking or there is no data transfer indication with the network cable or the WIFI dongle. Why might that be happening?

  2. I bought Hifiberry DAC+ and when I choose it in the configuration and connect the cables, no sound comes out even after restarting. What should I do?

  3. No matter what I do, Airplay won’t show up on my iPhone or other devices. I used shairport previously, so I don’t have any ports blocked on my router. What should I do?

This software looks really great, but apparently pretty unstable with my configuration so I would love to help to get this thing resolved.

What Hifiberry do you have? For now I will assume you have the DAC+ because you have a RPi 2 B.

Are you able to access the Volumio UI?

If so, please login to the Pi using SSH and become root (sudo su -).

Can you show the output from aplay -l command and also lsmod?

As far as I can tell, your setup is used quite a lot so it should be able to work fine.