Raspberry pi 2 B i2s to minidsp minisharc


A couple people seem to have had success connecting a pi to a minisharc but there aren’t many details out there. Minidsp says that it should work on their forums.

I have volumio installed on my pi, connections have been made according to (minidsp.com/images/document … Manual.pdf).

pin 39 on Rpi (gnd) to pin 5 on minisharc (gnd)
pin 40 on Rpi (data) to pin 10 on minisharc (I2S_DATA_IN1&2)
pin 35 on Rpi (lrck) to pin 14 on minisharc (I2S_IN_LRCLK)
pin 12 on Rpi (bck) to pin 15 on minisharc (I2S_IN_BCLK)

I set the i2s driver to “Rpi-dac” in volumio (tried them all though). The minisharc is set to i2s input slave (minidsp.com/forum/suggestion-bo … -minishark).

I don’t get any input on the view meters in the minisharc software. Sending a signal into it’s spdif from a cd player works fine.

Am I missing something with volumio and the i2s output of the pi?

A pic of the setup is attached.

Since volumio doesn’t detect the minisharc as a valid “audio output”, is it possible I need to force volumio to output a signal on the i2s lines? Like add something to the config.txt file? I really don’t think I’m getting anything out of the pi.

I got my hands on an oscilloscope and there is no data coming out of my i2s lines. Can someone please post info on how to get a generic i2s signal out of my pi 2B?

Am I posting this in the right place? Are there others out there running i2s out of a pi 2 B?

I made the exactly same setup yesterday and Im in the same situation.
According to google there are better ways than Volumio. Pity, kinda used to it.

Good news. Just tried the hifiberry dac setting for the second time. Rebooted and voila.

What is this strange “machine” full of capacitors ? :astonished: :astonished:
I’m curious ! :laughing:


Your solution worked for me! Thanks! Also, in my first image, one of the wires going to my minisharc is wrong but the pinouts I listed are right. Attached are images of the working setup. I’m using 1.55 with no other changes than enabling the i2s driver.

More pics…

Got my setup fully going and it sounds excellent. The pi runs into a minisharc and then to a pair of curryman dacs. The dacs are powered by an amb sigma 11 and a twisted pear low current bipolar psu. The other two power bricks are for the minisharc and the USB hub powering the pi. I also threw in a twisted pear optical to spdif and hooked that to the sharc so I could use other sources. The small board at the front is a volume front panel that gives the sharc a volume knob, source selection and an IR input. Thanks for the help guys!

Hi there
Awesome project!
Could you please share how are you feeding he shrac? I mean - what is the sampling rate of the music you playing from Raspberry?
Does it take everything from 44kHz to 96kHz?
I’ll be grateful for a tip :slight_smile: as I’m not sure how does it work…
Thanks a lot