Raspberry pi 1 with Edimas wifi - WebUI not loading


I finally received the Edimax Wifi dongle and installed in Raspberry Pi 1. It works, 'cause I can ping google.com from the raspberry. I also see how the raspberry connects to the wlan and correctly gets IP. The point is that when I try to open at the web browser nothing appears. I also tried with volumio.local but it does not resolv.

Tried restarting mpd but nothing happens… any idea?


The IP you see is the Volumio hotspot. You have to to connect to this wifi network with your smartphone or computer, then you’ll access to volumio webUI. You’ll have to configure the network (wifi network to connect to (essid and password), save (and maybe reboot). After that your device will use your network as any other device.
You can aslo plug a ethernet cable to access to it and configure wifi.