Rasp Pi B+ + Volumio 1.41

Hi there.

I’ve been struggling to get things up and running and a search of this board has not yielded much success.

I’ve got a new Rasp Pi B+ and am running the most recent version of Volumio, 1.41. I’m running Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and my music is on a Firewire drive directly connected to a Mac mini.

My music is organized via iTunes (I know: it’s awful), and I have a very large library (100,000 + songs). I’ve a mix of mp3 and apple lossless files, many in hi-res format.

The Rasp Pi is connected to an Apple Airport Extreme (2012 model) via gigabit ethernet.

I am also running various software with built-in DNLA server capability, including Plex Media Server, Subsonic, and Elgato EyeConnect.

Initially, I thought to try to get Volumio to recognize my shared drive, but could not figure out ho to do that or whether it is even possible. Then I went the DNLA route. When I update my MPD, Volumio initially recognizes Plex, Subsonic, and EyeConnect under the PNP Library section. But once it completes updating, the entire PNP section disappears, as well as all other sections except WebRadio.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any advice would be appreciated. Looking for the most efficient setup that will allow play of hi-res apple lossless files and take advantage of iTunes library organization (i.e. sort by artists \ albums).


Similar situation is happening for me with Volumio 1.3/1.4 with a LMS running on a separate Tonido2 device on the same network.
My workaround is to ssh into Volumio and manually restart the djmount service. Something like

/etc/rc2.d/S01djmount restart

In this way the UPNP section “re-appears” without re-booting.

Look at this thread and see if solves it for you.