Radio Station disconnect after a while

Hey there,

first, thanks for the very great Software.
I am using Volumio2 Free Version 2882 on a Raspberry Pi3b to listen to my own Radiostation in Germany. I dont use an external Sounddevice, just direct the Audiojack of the Raspberry to my HiFi System in the Office. ( over 12h a Day )
The Radiostation it self is not hosted in the same Building.
My problem is, the stream disconnect allways after 1,5 Hours without any reasons.

Can anone help me? Thanks

The Streamadress is:
Its a Radio Station in Germany on the Hoster ( not for worldwide broadcast )
Its a Station with Ads Server.

Hi RADIOTOM, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

No idea, but I wonder if the station automatically disconnects after a certain period to reduce their bandwidth? Perhaps you could contact them and ask? Please report back if you get an answer; it would be interesting to know.

the problem is self. Sorry for that.
They use a Ad Server who kill the connection after a while to delete the buffer of listeners after 6 houres.
If they play ads, the stream stops ( like time shift ) and starts to play forward after the break.
Any listener had his own Stream Offset after a while.

its defently not a Volumio2 issue.

Thanks for youre response