queue && randomness

First, I must say how much I like and appreciate Volumio.

I think the queue && randomness should not replay until all songs in the queue have been played. If you add to the queue, re seed the randomness and all bets are off.

I’ve only had Volumio running a few hours … few days, but have heard repeats in my queue, which doesn’t seem correct.

How can I help Volumio? … I’m glad to help and would love to understand the underpinngs of a very cool program that I use nightly.


We have a big issue with the algorithm that does random… If you have coding skills and want to help us out fixing this it would be great

Is this related to the loss abandonment of consume mode?


Will consume mode come back?

Hi Michelangelo,
Sorry for late reply … lemme know how I can help, I have some coding skills.