Questions on how to set up Volumio on new Pi2-B

I have a Raspberry Pi-2 B, and I just loaded Volumio V1.55. It boots and I can see the WebUI.
I know a LOT about computers, but I am a newbie on Linux systems.
I’m sorry for all these diverse questions, if there is a more detailed setup tutorial, then I would happily read that.

  1. On boot up, just before the “Last login …” I see the following on the monitor:
    [FAIL] startpar: service(s) returned failure: transientlog … failed!
    Is this normal?

  2. Should I run raspi-config ? i.e. to set the time zone? Anything else that should (or should not) be setup?

  3. Several of the FAQs mention files that can be edited. I can connect to Volumio using SSH, but console commands & editors are a pain; can I install XRDP (which I did on another Pi)?

  4. I found a WebRadio channel and played it; BUT no sound through the headphones. I then connected a USB-Audio adapter and changed the output from ALSA to CODEC -> Now I can hear the audio. Is built-in audio/headphone jack on the Pi2 supported/possible?


I found the answers to 3 of 4 questions:

It probably isn’t necessary but it doesn’t seem to hurt.

The Volumio project says the GUI was disabled on purpose; so XRDP is not possible.

The problem was that my monitor uses HDMI, so with the PI audio set to ‘Auto’, it tries to put out audio to the HDMI port. Fix is to use raspi-config and force audio to the 3.5mm jack. Of course, later I will get a DAC, but for now I can use/learn the other features.

Still looking for an answer about the error message in the boot sequence.

I installed the bootlogd package and was able to review the entire boot log. Unfortunately, the above error message occurs after the boot log output, so I suspect it is showing up during the startup of Volumio, or something that the Pi considers a user script. Can anyone point me to the script that starts Volumio; i.e. after boot?


The message error at boot is not very important.
As you understood, Volumio is NOT designed to be used with a screen / keyboard /mouse. If you SD card is flashed properly, just power on the RPI and lets say, 1 minute later, you have got a nearly operationnal player. Nearly because you have to set several things…
So go to the WebUI by typing volumio.local from your computer (on the SAME network THAN YOUR pi) or enter the IP adress of it from a android device. And set up your output, source etc.
For advanced tweaking, you can connect to Volumio using ssh : ssh pi@IP ADRESS
passwd : raspeberry.
You have to know that mostly every modification you will do on config file will be erase by Volumio and replace by it own settings when you change something in the webUI…;
But I don’t understand if you already use the webUI (for playing radio ?).
Hope it will help :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirmation on the boot message. Let’s call that question resolved.

I do have web-radio and airplay working now - temporarily through the audio jack.

I am working on a I2S/SPDIF interface to my whole-house audio system.