I have seen that there’s a plug-in “in development”. But are we likely to see any movement in me being able to use my Qubuz account through my Volumio? (and not via my iPhone/MAC)…

An official plug-in would be perfect.

Please advise.



I am a Qobuz (sublime for the hi-res) user myself and hope to see Volumio getting support for Qobuz as well.

If I understood correctly, development is done but Volumio needs a license agreement (and probably some connection key) to actually make it work.

I read that such a request has been made by the Volumio team but nothing since than.

Any news anyone?

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No news, Michelangelo is still waiting for an api key.

Any idea why we are waiting? Is there something the community can assist with? Like signing a petition or something like that? To show Qobuz that Volumio support is really appriciated by its users?

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Simply because they don’t reply to our mails.
But don’t worry, we’ve found another way, and we’re working on it. No ETA yet, but rest assured we are working hard to get ALL streaming services working on Volumio

Ok, weird. Great to learn that an alternate way is coming, but ideally support from the supplier would be the best way, don’t you think?

Maybe Volumio & Qobuz users should request/vote for Volumio support at Qobuz :slight_smile:

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Just opened a New Idea ticket at the Qobuz help center to ask for support for Volumio (actually my wife)

So all Volumio users with Qobuz accounts, please vote for it at the Qobuz help center :slight_smile:

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Given my experience with how supporting Qobuz was… I think it won’t make such big deal of difference… But I hope to be wrong…

In any case, we won’t need support from them with the method we’re using. …

Thanks PatrickB (and Mrs PB). Link is here I think you need to be logged in to vote.

I was unable to get any response when asking for an API key, but you never know!

I’m not convinced that it will make much difference if Qobuz don’t have the courtesy to even answer emails, but I’ve added my vote anyway :slight_smile: … 3 votes now.

A response from Qobuz :slight_smile:

5 votes

Voted :slight_smile:

@michelangelo: Is there an update on Qubuz and Volumio please? I really do want the streaming option. Thanks.

Regarding playing qobuz from volumio I have observed that my Playlist are loaded super fast but if I click on qobuz Playlist it takes time to load… This is ok or it will be fixed? I am the phone…