Qobuz is not available

I “upgraded” to Virtuoso last week and everything was working fine with Qobuz for a few days. Then this week something happened and my account was set back to FREE. I gave a credit card so I don’t want to be charged twice to upgrade after the trial period is over.

Also…now when I do try to put in my credit card I get an error message. (attached).

No Qobuz access through Volumio. v2.699. I have cleared my queue and have rebooted several times. No change.
volumio error.png

Please contact us at support at volumio dot org

We will help you from there

Interesting question, but as far as I know you won’t get any issues with all that as the credit company does not have to deal with your credit card as long as this company is not a scammer and your credit card is not banned or other things like that. IF you want to have a loan or a credit attached to your credit card you better ensure yourself that you are getting a credit or a loan from a well known company that was not scammed people at all. So to say, you can have a loan or a credit from companies like https://foxycredit.com/ and you will be sure that you won’t have to deal with any issues. In other words, ensure yourself that you are not taking a credit from companies with dirty history