Qobuz hi res songs

I do not know where to ask for an opinion so I guess here I sgould find the answer.
I have an wharfdale 9. 1, marantz amp 6004 and e30 dac.
If I listen to qobuz hi res , more on 192 24 bits I have the impression that the sound is more Natural, more clean but also that is more tight, skinny, just the voice and the instruments I do not know how to say…
When I am listening to radio or to CD quality is more bassy, not so tinny like on hi res.
I hope you understand what I am trying to explain.
I do not have diffusers
Edit : with this hi res I have the feeling that my speakers are small and I need some bigger speakers. Is that true?


192/24, 96/24 and 44/16 should sound pretty much identical and all are capable of very high quality sound. However even when the recordings are of the same piece of music by the same musicians they are not always from the same master recording. Also some CDs may just have been through a dynamic range compressor (ugh :frowning: ) so that they sound ‘better’ in cars etc. (This may just be my prejudice though).

More dynamic range could stretch the speakers a bit and if you are budgeting to upgrade then the Wharfedales would be the thing I might consider first.

I guess th is is the word strech… I am planning to upgrade to wharfdale Evo 4.1? This will be on or the upgrade sgould be to a higher speaker range?

Nowadays it is quite common to budget more for the speakers than the electronics. The Marantz amp and the Topping DAC are both good products.

I do not know the Evo 4.1 speaker but I would suggest listening to several different speakers at dealers. They may even allow you to take your choice speakers home so that you check them out before you purchase.

Understood but at least in what range I should look on speakers. How do I know thatbthey can handle great dynamic range… At least in max 1000 euros

I think you have to try several different speakers at a dealer. Perhaps read a few reviews to have a shortlist first?
Also read up about loudspeaker placement and listening position so as to get the best possible sound presentation in your room.
Also maybe consider room equalisation using REW software and a calibrated microphone. Room equalisation does however require some quite careful study but there is quite a lot of information on the web so that you can understand what is involved before you go down that route