QOBUZ disappeared again!

Interface shows correctly that I am on yearly virtuoso. But QOBUZ disappeared from main menu. I tried logging in and out, no luck.
In the settings / sources it says I need to have myvolumio and gives a prompt to start trial.

Virtuoso does not support QOBUZ?

I did recently change to different RPI unit. although still using the same OS chip.

For official dedicated support contact techsupport at volumio dot org :slight_smile:

will do, thank you!

Support wanted to remote into my machine, instead I just ended up putting the Volumio OS sd chip back into the original RPI4 unit which was in use when I setup QOBUZ, and the QOBUZ feature reappeared with no configuation change needed by me.

The two RPIs have identical hardware to my knowlege, so perhaps there is some logic running in virtuoso that ties features to a MAC address or other unique identifier of a particular hardware device. Windows does that for purpose of copy protection. But I don’t really know.

I would think that it will be by device that has been logged onto MyVolumio, not the sd card.